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In Dallas, all convicted DWI offenders must attend a DWI school as mandated by Texas state law.  This DWI school is a program designed by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse to help offenders become better educated about the dangers of drug use and drinking and driving.

Dallas DWI offenders may attend:

The Texas DWI Education Program

This 12-hhour program is required for all first time DWI offenders.  It must be finished within 180 days from the date of the offender’s probation being granted.  If the offender fails to do so, their license will be revoked.  If there is a problem that prevents completion of the program within the time frame, an extension may be granted. 

Texas DWI Repeat Offender Program

All repeat offenders must complete this 32-hour program. It involves a 12-Step group, treatment options, and other resources to control relapse.

Texas Drug Offender Education Program

This is a 15-hour version of DWI school.  If any offender has his or her license revoked, he or she must complete this program in order to have it reinstated.

Alcohol Education Program For Minors Program

A similar program designed for teens that be completed within 90 days of the date of conviction.  If an approved course is not available, then the offender must complete 8-12 hours of community service.  


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