Dallas Attorney Profile

At our firm, we are certain we have the experience you need to get the case results you deserve. Our attorneys have over 40 years combined experience fighting drunk driving charges and the founder of our firm has been a Dallas DWI lawyer since the day he passed his bar exam, meaning he has the utmost experience in these types of cases.

No matter what the evidence against you or how serious the charges, we can help. At our firm, your Dallas DWI attorney will work to not only fight the criminal accusations against you, but also to restore your driving privileges as soon as possible. If you contact us right away, we will schedule a license appeal and fight for your innocence. If you have already missed this window, then we will instead work to ensure you are at least provided with a occupational license to ensure you can get where you need to go throughout your busy days.

Every Dallas DWI lawyer in our firm is well-versed in the errors and inaccuracies of both the breathalyzer and the field sobriety tests used to measure a driver’s intoxication. We find the lack of conclusive evidence used to convict thousands of Texans of drunk driving charges every year to be disturbing and an affront to the American constitution. When you work with our firm, we will do everything possible to demonstrate to the jury just how unfair and inaccurate these testing methods are. Even if you failed a blood test, we will do whatever we can to show any potential flaws in your testing and use them to our advantage.

When you have been accused of drunk driving, don’t take chances with your Dallas DWI attorney; call us and see what a difference experience and dedication can make.

A Dallas DWI Attorney